Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff)

Ever since the first Fringe festival emerged from Edinburgh in 1947, it has become one of the most important springboards for artists all over the world. Fringe festivals are creative laboratories that welcome artists at all levels of experience to experiment with concepts, show their work to new audiences, network and collaborate.

There are now 170 Fringe festivals worldwide, a family that loves diversity and accepts any artistic format under the sun; a generous philosophy that has earned ‘The Fringe’ the prestigious title of ‘the world’s greatest arts festival’.

Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff) is the only fringe festival in the northern hemisphere and one of the most current performing arts platforms in Scandinavia. Founded in 2010 the festival has quickly grown to become an important cultural event in Sweden and amongst the vast global fringe landscape around the world.

Stoff is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to shape a creative platform that offer opportunities to artists from all over the world. The festival is for the young, the old and the ones in between; it is for those who want to explore, criticise, exchange, question, enjoy, be surprised and for those who simply want to be a part of a thrilling atmosphere where anything is possible.

With our sixth year in sight we are pleased to say that Stoff so far have had the opportunity to welcome thousands of artists to the festival.  Next year we predict even more acts, venues and partners which gives us all confidence in that Stoff will continue to question, inspire and entertain from its fringe roots. Read more about previous years here

Alongside the event’s growth our international network StoffNet has expanded rapidly and we work continuously on making sure to nurture the fabulous opportunities it holds. Read more here.

Since 2011 Young Stoff has been a platform for young artists between 15-25 to show, test and develop their artistry. The festival wants to create opportunities for non-established artists through networks, workshops, collaborations and opportunities to meet new audiences. Learn more here.

Stockholm has a fabulous cultural heritage, offering many artistic experiences and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to continue the journey of securing the future of this legacy.

We look forward to seeing you!

 Team Stoff

Stoff 2015