Why do we Fringe?

Why do artists choose to participate in Fringe? What is it that draws them in to the Fringe vibe and keeps them coming back year after year, touring around Fringes from one side of the world to the other? We asked our Stoff 2016 artists these questions and here’s what they had to say.

Andrew Silverwood from Andrew Silverwood is a Self-Absorbed Tw*t“What could be better than a supportive community to take some risks, travel the world and entertain people in fun places? Andrew Silverwood is a “Self Absorbed Tw*t” is a culmination of four years on the circuit doing what I love.”

Del Mae from Connect + Sun ∞ Moon [日 ∞月] 舞劇“We at Connect+ saw the call for work, and saw the donkey-horse head, think it is absolutely absurd and funny, dark humored, and it looks crazy enough and fun enough. Honestly we just feel the vibe matching ours so we did it without thinking or analyse too much , leave that to our audiences to play with so we can have fun TOGETHER and Connect.”

Paweł Kleszczewski from Broken Tale: “We place our animation Broken Tale between genres (visual art and film making) but we feel that we don’t belong to any one of them, so our work is in some way kind of Fringe/border/cross genre. We seek for open-minded audiences. Another value for us was that in Broken Tale we deal with Swedish folklore and fairy tales so we found Stockholm to be a perfect location for screening.” 

Javier Vilalta from The Lost Hours: “Showcasing our work in a far away place also demonstrates risk taking and commitment. This can also translate into more and better funding and the opportunity to expand artistic horizons.”


Marina Celander from Mermaid’s Howl“Fringe to me means storytelling at its most edgy, weird, beautiful, true, non-commercial, risk-taking, forward thinking! I very much look forward to experiencing all the shows that are participating in this year’s Stoff. It’s community and exchange, it’s sharing and receiving.”

Azzurra de Gregorio from The Sick Food“Fringe is a precious container of new ideas and energies.”



Discover why artists love Fringe festivals so much at Stockholm Fringe Festival (5-10 October 2016). Programme and tickets are online now so check it out and see what all the fuss is about!