Since 2011 Stockholm Fringe Festival offers seminars, workshops, panels talks and Artist Speed Dating under the STOFFnet label.

Our annual gathering of local and global talent provides an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, get inspired and/or meet future collaboration partners.

Check out the STOFFNET section of our programme to see what’s on offer for 2016. We hope that artists and audiences take advantage of this free platform 🙂

Do you have suggestions for future STOFFnet events? Get in touch!


Our international networking branch, “Stoffnet”, was created in 2011 and since then, the Stoff team has taken part in the World Fringe Congress, the European Culture Congress and the Eastern Partnership Congress.

From the very start, one of our focus areas has been to connect and collaborate with local and foreign sister festivals and organisations. Programme and knowledge exchanges create opportunities for our artists while helping us to deliver a truly international festival.

We are proud and honoured to have collaborated with some incredible events and organisations including the following:


Stockholm Fringe Festival is open to local and international collaborations. We are keen to explore new ways of bridging arts communities, supporting democracy through culture, and promoting equality.

SToff Tbililisi roadshow ENG

In 2013, the StoffNet journey took a selection of “Stoff ambassadors” to Georgia for a CCA Tbilisi residency.

Check out our video report “The Tbilisi Experience” shot on location in Georgia:


Want to connect with fellow Stockholm-based creative artists for potential future Stoff shows? Join the Independent Creative Arts Group Stockholm (ICAGS) on Facebook, the perfect place to network and search for new collaborative opportunities.

5-10 SEPT 2017