The Stoff 2016 programme is here and ticket sales are now live! From rent-a-friend to mermaids, lesbians to talk show hosts that decapitate their guests, the 2016 programme is a mind-blowing extravaganza of chaotic beauty that will keep you entertained for six days straight.


What’s your flavour? Are you into Visual Art? Queer-themed theatre? Events that are in English? Are you on a budget and want to see some stuff for free? Filter our programme by CATEGORY, displayed down the right hand side of our website.

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A massive thank you to Lee Simmons and Remi McQuen for their hard work in getting the programme out and looking so FABULOUS! Here’s a word from Lee, the creative eye behind the 2016 branding about her inspiration on this year’s look:

“From the chats I’ve had with the STOFF team regarding what the Stockholm Fringe Festival represents, the following question seemed the most poignant: ‘how differently would we view the world if we really could see through the eyes of another?’

We agreed that it could be fun – for all involved – to play with this theme in a literal sense. A clear message, delivered as a really striking and interesting visual.

We wanted a lighthearted way to get people considering something important. For the shoot, we’ve only just skimmed the surface. Remi (the photographer) and I have chatted about the possibility of delving more deeply into this theme for future projects.

I’ve loved working with the STOFF team again. It’s a bit of a privilege to be invited back – as well as a fun challenge. I’ve found a new collaborator in Remi. We discovered that we both thrive on ‘thinking outside the box’ when budget and time are tight.”

– Lee Simmons, Visual Branding