Our awards jury have nominated three candidates for each category. The outcome of the awards is based on opinions gathered from the award jury, mystery shoppers (industry delegates) and reviewers. The festival core crew and volunteers also have a say. Here are the #Stoff2016 award results. A massive congratulations to the winners and nominees.

14563547_10153756750090855_3444037006363958898_n Winner: “Stories of Love, Death, and a Rabbit” by Ms Samantha Man (UK)
Nominated: “Lonely Lonely” by Sööt/Zeyringer (Austria/Estonia) & “The Lost Hours” by 8ROJO (Canada)

14606432_10153756747440855_7215057353400424469_n Winner: Connect project + Sun ∞ Moon日 ∞ 月(Taiwan)
Nominated: “Hear Much/Say Little” by Amanda Doherty (Ireland), “Piss Drone/Drone Piss” by Seroconversion (Sweden).


Winner: “Hairy Tales” by MPAC -Mighty Performing Arts Collective (Sweden)
Nominated: “Hear Much/Say Little” by Amanda Doherty (Ireland) and “Be My Friend” by Nick Field.


Winner: “Lonely Lonely” by Sööt/Zeyringer (Austria & Estonia).
Nominated: “Male Attention” by Klara Andersson (Sweden) and “United Borders” by Valentine Ggt (Belgium)

Winner: “The Lost Hours” by 8ROJO (Canada).
Nominated: “Be My Friend” by Nick Field (UK) & “Mermaid’s Howl” by Marina Celander (USA)

Winner: Marion Callies from “Carwash” (Germany).
Nominated: Andy Silverwood from “Andrew Silverwood is a Self-Absorbed Tw*t” (UK) & Ms Samantha Mann from “Stories of Love, Death, and a Rabbit” (UK)

Winner: “En Afton Med Apan Satt i Granen” by Anna Davidsson (Sweden)