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STOFF 2013

4th edition

Stoff 2013 catapulted the notion of the Fringe to new heights. Young Stoff artists mixed with Hollywood Royalty in a wild mix of theatre, performance, spoken word, site specific, music, photo, video, new circus and “the other”.

European culture project TK2013 & DepArtments incorporated.

Main venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Front cover artist: Louis Lander-Deacon (UK)

Stoff 2013 directors: Helena Bunker, Lina Karlmark, Adam Potrykus


Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 17.16.37For the 2nd year running, SkyODD co-produced a reusable water bottle with Stockholm Fringe Festival.

For the bottle design, we asked Stoff 2013 headline act, John Malkovich, to write something about the importance of creating and why the concept of Fringe festivals is important. This is what came by fax from the other side of the Atlantic:

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 17.15.03

Stoff 2013 PROMO video by

Miasto w Komie STOFF TV reports from Stoff 2013:

Stoff TV (2013) / VIP launch and welcome speeches:

STOFF 2012

3rd edition

Stoff brought a new addition to the Stoffholm family: StoffNet, our networking branch. Fresh from the inaugural World Fringe Congress, team Stoff had the pleasure to host a small gathering of the World Fringe Network.

Front cover artist: [ingentinget]

Stoff 2012 directors: Helena Bunker, Lina Karlmark, Adam Potrykus, Alex Genberg

STOFF 2011

2nd edition

Stoff 2011 travelled light years in both size and quality with more, bigger and better venues in the city centre.

The fringe in Stockholm’s cultural lounge room helped us to elevate global fringe talent and promote the different, the odd and the beautiful.

Festival month: AUG

Front cover artist: Skye Gellmann from Australia

Facebook pictorials

Main venues: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern & Dramalabbet

Stoff 2011 directors: Helena Bunker, Lina Karlmark, Adam Potrykus, Alex Genberg

STOFF 2010

1st edition

Once upon a time there was a humble beginning on the outskirts of town. In the fall of 2010, a performance space ship landed in Stoffholm with a load full of emerging talent.

From Aussie music maestros to life size puppet theatre for adults and everything in between. The inaugural Stockholm Fringe Festival was here!

Stoff 2010 directors: Helena Bunker, Lina Karlmark, Adam Potrykus