A Nordic Notion

Hej everyone! We’ve been super busy here in the Stoffice. Our programme is being launched in just a few weeks (EEK!) and our UK-based visual designer, Lee Simmons, has been heads-down, bums-up perfecting our stunning new branding for 2016. We can’t wait to show you what she has created!

On top of Stoff, some of our team are also involved in a new initiative called the Nordic Fringe Network (NFN). Adam and Josh traveled to Gothenburg earlier this week to join representatives from the World Fringe Association, Gothenburg Fringe, the soon-to-be Norway Fringe, and Kronhusteatern for a two-day discussion and planning session. The NFN aims to simplify systems and provide economical touring opportunities for artists applying to one of more of the Fringe festivals in the Nordic region. So far, the NFN includes Stockholm Fringe, Gothenburg Fringe, and the up-and-coming Norway Fringe (which is planning on having it’s pilot festival in 2017). We are hoping that once the NFN has been established, it will will also serve as a support system for other organisations wanting to establish Fringe festivals in their regions. We are aiming to launch the network this coming winter (2016).

Adam in front of Kronhusteatern in Gothenburg. Photo by Josh Hopton-Stewart.
The Gothenburg trams. Photo by Josh Hopton-Stewart.

A massive thank you to Holly from World Fringe for coming all the way over from the UK to give us her expert Fringe Queen advice and to Gothenburg Fringe and Isabel from Kronhusteatern for hosting a productive (and tasty!) couple of days.

A group of young actors and musicians perform in the Kultursommarjobb festival.
We watch a group of young actors and musicians perform in the Kultursommarjobb festival. Photo by Josh Hopton-Stewart.

For more news about the Nordic Fringe Network, check out our social media channels or email nordicfn@stockholmfringe.com.

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